Siemens PLC S5 & Kontron

Siemens has officially discontinued its PLC S5 series. The same goes for the KONTRON computers model built in in Herrenknecht microtunneling systems. By now only very few technicians are trained in S5 programming anymore.

Yet there are countless of these tunneling systems worldwide running with S5 control systems and KONTRON computers. When a major problem occurs, the official solution is thus mostly to rebuild the complete control system in Siemens S7 or to replace the whole computer.

No need to replace your old system

These rebuilds are expensive and time-consuming and often beyond of what contractors plan to invest into an old machine. It is not necessary to replace everything. Tunnel Service Group GmbH specializes in support for outdated systems to help our customers out when no-one else is willing or able to. Look further down to see what we are capable of.

Siemens PLC S5

Tunnel Service Group GmbH is working with elder Siemens S5 tunneling control systems on a daily basis. By continuously buying stocks of Siemens dealers and through access to Siemens backup stocks we are able to offer large quantities of every card built into a Herrenknecht microtunneling system. Cards are available "new" in original Siemens packing with unbroken seal or "serviced/tested".

Service and tests include proper documentation and are done either in our own teststands under supervision of an electronics engineer or by renowned Siemens service companies. And of course we give warranties for our tested products, too.

  • Hundreds of Siemens PLC S5 cards on stock (new and serviced/tested)
  • Dozens of PLC racks, power supplies and CPUs for master and slave units
  • Power supplies, fans and batteries
  • CPUs and EPROMs
  • Plugs and accessories
  • Siemens service and maintenance equipment
  • Technicians and engineers trained in Siemens S5

Our Service Teams

Mechatronics training today does not include S5 courses anymore. We invest in our electricians and have them trained additionally to work with Siemens S5 right from the start of their career. Working experience comes with our daily in-house work with elder tunneling equipment before they may prove themselves in the field.

Together with a strong home support by our engineers this is how we ensure that our technicians are well equipped and experienced to solve also tricky problems on site. Depending on the scope of the works and your location we will suggest to send you a technician or an engineer and to execute works either in-house or on your yard. Find your direct contacts for spare parts and service at the bottom of this page.

Upgrades to Siemens PLC S7

Sometimes there may still be good reasons for you to upgrade your control system to S7. We have broad experience doing so in our workshops and overseas. If you are interested in Siemens upgrades, contact us for an opinion. Your advantage: We have nothing but your best at mind as we can offer you the whole bandwidth from a small service or repair to a full rebuild and upgrade. Ask us about your best options and get a quote.

Kontron Computers

Also for KONTRON computers used in Herrenknecht systems we have the full bandwidth of spare parts readily available in our storage.

  • Hard drives
  • CPUs
  • Power supply and ventilation
  • Communication cards
  • Graphic cards
  • RAM storage units
  • Housings
  • Diskette drives
  • Adapters, cables and accessories

Our technicians and engineers have experience working with elder KONTRON systems and access to the replacements you need. Call us or even better send us your KONTRON computer and have us make you an offer for service and repair.

System Recoveries

We offer recoveries of your system, too. Have us recover your failing hard drive and we can send out a repaired hard drive or even a whole exchange computer within hours in case you have a computer failure on site.

Siemens PLC S7

Just for the record - of course we offer service and spare part supply for Siemens S7 systems, too. Contact our specialists below to get a quote.