Field Service

'Field Service' at Tunnel Service Group GmbH is whatever happens outside of our workshops. Be it a technical emergency on site or a scheduled maintenance task, short-term or for a few weeks - our experienced technicians stand by to assist you. In order to save you some cost we don't send a technician if it is not necessary.

Call us to see if we can fix your issues over the phone already. Most often it is just about replacing a spare part. In case you need active support however we have mechanics, electricians and engineers ready to fly or drive out on site.

Service Contracts

For contractors with several machines it may be interesting to approach us about service contracts with fixed conditions. Let us sit together and talk through what you need and we will make you an individual offer.

Operators &
Site Jobs

We have experienced jobsite staff working for us and cooperate closely with a partner company to be ready to support you with shaft crews, mud engineers or operators. Especially when new in the slurry machine business it may be worth considering experienced support on site.

Contact us also for special tasks such a change of cutting tools in the ground or mounting of upskins and cutting wheels. We also rent hydraulic spanners. Whatever you need on site, we will make you an offer.

Service Van

For short-range jobs in Western Europe we have a service van ready, loaded with tools and a range of spare parts - allowing our technicians to instantly take care of most of the common issues with microtunneling equipment.