We will show limits
their limits.

The Tunnel Service Group is one thing above all: At your side with expertise and drive in the field of microtunneling. But we are much more than that.

Who we are

We are micro/utility tunneling specialits.
We are service providers.
We are manufacturers.
We are electricians. Mechanics. Engineers.
We have decades of experience.
And youthful curiosity.
We are solution-oriented.
We are customer-oriented.
We are high-tech on a low level.
We are the Tunnel Service Group.

Where we are coming from

We started out in 2012 with a small team of experts, concentrating intially on the delivery of spare parts, maintance and overhaul of machines sold by our business partners. However, as our team grew, so did the requirements on our offer to you.

That is why we are not only able to provide you with all services relating to microtunneling - but also the matching products in the field of microtunneling and the development and improvement of the accompanying technologies.

Where we strive to be in the future

In the past we have shown what we want to achieve in the future: to constantly develop further. This will continue to be our goal for the future.

We want to develop both our business and every single one of our employees. We want to further improve our services and the manufacture of products in the field of microtunneling. We want to continue to communicate with you at eye level and to achieve the best outcomes for your business.

We not only want to be prepared for all challenges in the future – but to also shape the future now.